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How to Join the Challenge

Sign up individually online: 

  • Fundraise for a Charity of your choice OR Self Fund

  • 20% Off Reg Fee if you fundraisie for an official Charity Partner

  • Join as an Individual, create a Team, or join an existing Team

  • Confirm whether you intend to Walk, Jog or Run

  • Choose your start time preference 

  • Select your charity to fundraise for (if applicable)

STEP 1 - Fundraise for Charity OR Self Fund?

Sign up & fundraise for a Charity of your choice OR Self Fund & pay your own cost

Details of Charity Fundraising Option

Choose a charity & commit to a Minimum Fundraising Target & pay a non-refundable Registration Fee:

  • Full Island Challenge - £70 Reg Fee & £395 Min Fundraising Target
  • Half Island Challenge - £50 Reg Fee & £275 Min Fundraising Target
  • Quarter Island Challenge - £40 Reg Fee & £150 Min Fundraising Target

Fundraise for an official Charity Partner - get 20% OFF your Reg Fee

  • Charity Partners are listed at the side of this page - or check out 'The Charities' page for a full list of the other charities you can fundraise for! 

Note: At least 50% of the Min Fundraising Target should ideally be recieved by your charity (or against your Just Giving page) no later than 6 weeks prior to the Challenge (20 March 2017). At this time your charity will pay a fee to the Organiser for your place: failure to meet this target may result in your cancellation from the Challenge. The remaining 50% fundraising should be with your charity 4 weeks after the Challenge at the latest (29 May 2017).

Details on Self Funding

You can sign up and pay your full Challenge cost, without any fundraising requirement.

  • Full Island Challenge - total cost £175
  • Half Island Challenge - total cost £125
  • Quarter Island Challenge - total cost £65

Please note that the equivilent registration fee cost remains non-refundable. 

STEP 2 - Join as an Individual or a Team

Take on the challenge as an individual and meet others along the way - or join as a pair, team of friends or colleagues - there is no limit to team size and all teams can fundraise for the same or different charities as well as be a mix of self funders & fundraisers!

Joining as an Individual

  • Complete the registration form
  • You can join or create a Team later
  • Or go it alone & meet others
  • Our 'Trekmasters' are there to support

Joining an Existing Team

  • Your Captain has already set up the Team
  • You're about to join the Team
  • You'll need the Team Captain's name
  • You'll need the correct Team Name 
  • You register yourself individually,
  • Pay your Reg Fee & commit to fundraise


Charity Partners