The Route

The Challenge starts at Chale, in the south of the Island. For those travelling to the Island on the Friday – there will be optional Camping at our Challenge 'Base Camp'. There are optional stuttle buses from the cowes ferry terminal to the Chale start location on both Friday evening and Saturday morning.

 The route has 4 stages of between 21-31 km, and a 'Rest Stop' at the end of each - with food & drink, medical teams and toilets. Between these there are additional 'Mid Point Stops' with snacks, drinks, toilets, & medical support.

Stage 1 - Chale to the Needles

STAGE 1 - Chale to the Needles (& 1st Quarter Challenge)

Stage distance: 21 km   Total distance: 21 km    Ascent: 528 m


Its 21km for the Full & 1/2 Challenges - we add a 4km loop for the 1st Quarter Challenge


Start: Chale Recreation Ground, 0 km

Mid-Point Stop: Isle of Wight Pearl, 10 km

Rest Stop 1: Nodewell Farm, Alum Bay, 21 km / 25 km


The first stage sets out from the village of Chale on the coast taking us clockwise along the coastal path. Here we enjoy the most impressive part of the whole route with spectacular coastlines & dramatic cliffs - a great way to start the event! We reach our 1st mid-point stop to refuel before continuing on to the westernmost point of the island. With the Needles in sight, we stop at our 1st major rest stop and have a longer rest & a packed lunch. There is the option to just do this Quarter Island section, these participants continue a little further, right up to the Needles, making their challenge 25km. 

Stage 2 - Needles to Cowes

STAGE 2 - Needles to West Cowes

Stage distance: 31 km        Total distance: 52 km        Ascent: 265 m


Mid-Point Stop: Hampstead Farm, 35 km

Rest Stop 2: Northwood House, West Cowes, 52 km


Setting off towards the halfway rest stop of our full challenge, we enjoy views of dramatic white cliffs and head east past Yarmouth Castle before arriving at the 2nd mid point stop. We continue to the northern part of the island before reaching our 2nd major rest stop in West Cowes. We enjoy a feast of hot food, cold food, drinks, energy and supplies. Some of our Full Island Challengers will spend the night camping here before continuing the challenge bright and early the following morning. For our 'Half Island Challengers' this is the finish point - and there are shuttle buses back to the start point at Chale, or you can head off the island directly. 

Stage 3 - Cowes to Culver Down

STAGE 3 - West Cowes to Culver Down

Stage distance: 28 km       Total distance: 80 km        Ascent: 480 m


Mid-Point Stop: Simeon Street Recreation Ground, Ryde, 66 km

Rest Stop 3: Culver Down, Bembridge, 80 km


After some rest and recuperation, the Full Island Challengers continue on the challenge, setting out towards Bembridge. This section of the route begins with a short trip on the chain ferry - a welcome rest for the feet! From here we pass by the impressive home of Queen Victoria's summer residence, Osbourne House and continue on to Ryde. We then pass the impressive half mile long pier before arriving at Culver Down. This, our final major rest stop before the finish and is stocked with lots of food and plenty of support on hand to prepare for the final leg of our challenge.  

Stage 4 - Culver Down to Chale

STAGE 4 - Culver Down to Chale (& 4th Quarter Challenge)

Stage distance: 26 km     Total distance: 106 km       Ascent: 440 m


Mid-Point Stop: Ventnor Park, 94 km

The Finish!: Chale Recreation Ground, 106 km


The final leg of our challenge takes us to the south of the island, passing by some of the Island's famous resorts - Sandown, Shanklin and Ventnor,  against a backdrop of chalk cliffs. We stop in Ventnor for our next mid point stop where we'll have a short rest for supplies and a drink. From here with renewed energy we continue on to Chale and the finish line where a medal, t shirt, glass of bubbly and a big celebration await. 106km later - back at Base Camp - what an achievement! 

NOTE: There may be route changes which might affect locations of Rest Stops & distances.

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