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Ultra Challenge Series

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Endurance style events for all! Over 25,000 adventurers will take part in 12 Ultra Challenge events in 2020 - with a wide range of fitness levels, ages, and experience - but all with the aim to push themselves further. Walk it, Jog it, or Run it - and you'll receive the best support available on any UK event all the way to your finish.

Ultra Challenges are fun, engaging, and often life chaging - and you'll meet new friends on your journey.  Many will choose to link their Challenge with a charity of their choice and help others who may face tougher challenges.

Join us - set a new goal - and you'll be amazed at what's achievable when you dig deep!

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 100km, 50km, or 25km

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100km or 50km sounds tough! It is - but is achievable, and 60,000 people have done an Ultra Challenge. There's 12 fantastic Events for 2020 - choose a Challenge & distance that suits you - prepare well - dig deep - and we'll support you all the way!

FULL 100km CHALLENGE - you keep going - day & night if required. Marquee Rest Stops with cover, seating, food, toilets, & medical services.


2 DAY 'DAYLIGHT 100km' -  with a half-way break / sleep - including a camping option. 


HALF CHALLENGE ~ 50km  - 1st or 2nd Half - suits many if new to Ultras - and it's longer than a marathon! Also ideal to join up with a 100km challenger friend for the 2nd Half.


QUARTER CHALLENGE ~25km - perfect as starter Challenge - and gives plenty of time to celebrate in the evening! Also good if you're supporting a 100km Challenger on their fitst leg.


THE 'TRI CHALLENGE' - take on 25km first, then choose 50km on a different event, and finish the season with a full 100km challenge. 


Also - check out our great value 'MULTI EVENT DEALS' if you're up for a few challenges.


Whichever Challenge you choose, you can sign-up as an INDIVIDUAL and meet others along the way - or as a TEAM and help each other.


 Walk it, Jog it, or Run it

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as most do. You may be new to endurance events - or a seasoned hiker. Walk at YOUR PACE.

- Full 100km: 21-34 hours walking

- 50km Half Challenge: 10-16 hours

- 25km Quarter Challenge: 4-8 hours

JOG IT -  for those who're up for a real challenge! In practice means you may run a bit - walk a bit - mix it up - and see how it all goes!


- Full 100km: 16-20 hours 'jogging'

- 50km Half Challenge: 7-10 hours

- 25km Quarter Challenge: 3-4 hours

RUN IT - the hard core bunch who head out first, have run an Ultra before, or marathon runners stepping up their distance. Special 'runners' food at Rest Stops - UTMB points available on all 100km Challenges.

- Full 100km: 9-15 hours running
- 50km Half Challenge: 4-7 hours
- 25km Quarter Challenge: 2-3 hours

Register for the pace that suits YOU. If you're slower or faster than you thought - fine! It's Your Challenge - Your Way - and we'll support you throughout!


 For a Charity or Self Fund

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Link your Challenge with fundraising for a Charity of your choice - or pay the full event place cost yourself and Self Fund. There's big savings if you want to do a few Challenges with our Multi-Event Deal.


FOR CHARITY - there're 500+ charities to choose from. Sign-up for one of our Series or Challenge Partner Charities and it's up to 25% OFF the registration fee!


There're 2 charity options - providing fundraising flexibility, and as these are 'tough' challenges - you'll be amazed at how much you'll be able to raise in sponsorship for your special cause.


More about the Charities >

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We help you prepare

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Whether your goal is a sub-24 hour 100km walk, or just to complete the Challenge distance - good preparation is the key. Sign up for an Ultra Challenge and you'll get:


Challenge APP - all the info at your finger tips on your mobile phone.


Training Plans - suggested time-lines to work to - and pre-challenge milestones


Training Walks - optional days & weekends. A great way to meet our team, test your kit, and get in shape


Kit Lists - the App and the website Participant Area have all the details


Preparation Videos - from our 'expert panel' - covering key topics on feet, nutrition, training, and kit.


You can try a shorter distance first - 25km/50km - and build up to a 100km challenge later in the season.


We support you all the way

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It's never been easier to push yourself further! We provide the best support levels on any UK endurance type challenge events 

REST STOPS - every 12-13 km, with:

Marquee cover - table & chairs - time to recuperate.

Free Food & Drink - hot meals at key stops & finish + snacks & hot/cold drinks at all stops.

Medical & Self Help Areas - with first aiders, doctors, and footcare specialists

Toilets - and plenty of them - clean also!

Massage Team - at key rest stops to relieve those aches and pains!

Shuttle Buses - to local stations / back to start

Finish Line - a big cheer awaits + a medal & some fizz!


Find out more >

We keep you safe

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Your safety on an Ultra Challenge is our top priority.

Fully Signed Route - you won't get lost + there's maps in our App as a back up


Timing & Tracking - we scan your chip at rest stops so we know how you're getting & where you are


Route Support Teams - 'Trekmasters' out on the route to help on the tricky sections and at night-time


Medical Teams  - at rest stops and with mobile response units if required


Vehicle Support - there to help if needed


Control Room - based in our London HQ, tracking participants via the timing system - and you can phone them if you need help.


We help you navigate

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Fully Signed Route - pink arrows, distance markers, and hazard warnings - with glow sticks during the night. it's hard to get lost!

Google Maps, a PDF map - available via the Challenge App - and the website


GPX file - released before the Challenge


Route Card - given out at registration


You’ll always know where you are, and where you’re heading. We have Marshalls & Trekmasters on the route and a ‘Control Room’ you can call – just in case! 

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